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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Uzbek oppositionist's husband shot

From ferghana.ru:

Marat Zakhidov, Chairman of the Committee of Individual Rights (an organization denied official registration by the Uzbek authorities) maintains that the husband of Nigara Khidoyatova, leader of the oppositionist Ozod Dekhkonlar or Free Peasants, was assailed and shot in the head in the city of Sarygvach, Kazakhstan, on November 28 night.

Orifzhan Oidin, citizen of Turkey of Uzbek origin, was deported from Uzbekistan in early 2005. Oidin has lived in Kazakhstan since then, running a business there. The attackers fired seven shots but only one bullet hit Oidin the head. When he came to, Oidin suggested that the attack had been organized by the men he worked with in Uzbekistan in the past. Uzbek law enforcement agencies were informed of his suspicions.

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