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Monday, October 10, 2005


Zubr coordinator arrested for second time

From Zubr:

Zubr coordinator Mikita Sasim is not granted freedom. Mikita Sasim was arrested on October 7 in Minsk for handing out leaflets with the call to take part in the Day of Solidarity on October 16. Today he has been sentenced to three days of arrest on a frame-up. As the three days of arrest have expired, he was released. After the trial he went to police department of Tsentralny district of Minsk, and there he was detained again. It’s impossible to communicate with him at the moment. According to preliminary information, Zubr coordinator would be escorted to the military enlistment office of the town of Baranavichy where he is registered.

Today the court of Tsentralny district of Minsk has sentenced the coordinator of Zubr movement Mikita Sasim to three days of imprisonment. The Zubr coordinator was arrested in Minsk on October 7 for handing out leaflets with the call to participate in the Day of Solidarity with victims of the regime on October 16. Since that time he was kept in a remand prison of Interior Affairs Department of Minsk city executive committee. The oppositionist allegedly used indecent language in a public place. Judge Alyaksei Bychko found Mikita Sasim guilty of violation of the Article 156 of Administrative Code (petty hooliganism). This situation reminds of the trial over Georgian activists of Kmara movement, Luka Tsuladze and Giorgi Kandelaki. They were accused of hooliganism and sentenced to 15 days of arrest for fear of possible contacts with Belarusian activists.

Policemen are capable of anything in order not to see Sasim at the streets of Minsk, including sending him to the army. As we have informed, recently Mikita Sasim signed out from a hospital, where he had spent a week with a brain injury caused by beating up by riot policemen.

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