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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Tajibaeva on hunger strike

From ferghana.ru:

Mutabar Tajibayeva, leader of the Fiery Hearts Club that promotes human rights in the city of Ferghana, an organizer of the movement Civil Society, went on a hunger strike as a protest against illegal arrest.

Tajibayeva was arrested on the eve of departure for an international conference of human rights activists in Ireland. She had told journalists on October 7 that she was leaving for Tashkent that very evening.

"I'm scheduled to go to Tashkent today but I do not know if I make it or not. I'm under surveillance now. Several cars tail me constantly. No, I'm not afraid of detention. Deputy Prosecutor General Anvar Nabiyev said at the trial in Tashkent that I support the opposition and that I called for armed action. He was lying."

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