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Monday, October 10, 2005


Marinich's son calls for Day of Solidarity

From Charter 97:

“Today we need solidarity. The events of recent days oblige us to unite. It has become evident by the example of the arrest of Zubr coordinator, Mikita Sasim, and by the example of today’s trial of Anatol Lyabedzka. The number of political prisoners is to grow, and the regime is to step up repressions. The Belarusian society needs coming together, and I call upon everybody to take part in the Day of Solidarity on October 16,” said the son of the political prisoner Mikhail Marynich, a coordinator of the civil initiative “Freedom to political prisoners”, a member of the Council of Civil Initiatives ”Free Belarus” Pavel Marynich.

Representatives of civil society of Belarus have offered to announce October 16, 2005 a Day on of Solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners, disappeared oppositionists, their families, independent journalists, with everybody who fight for freedom and democracy in Belarus.

One of the Zubr coordinators Mikita Sasim, the head of the civil initiative “We Remember” Iryna Krasouskaya and a well-known journalist Iryna Khalip called upon the Belarusians to switch off the light in their apartments on October 16 at 8 p.m. and to light a candle by their windows in solidarity with the victims of political repressions.

The international walk for Belarus is actually being held the day before, since many people find it easier to participate on a Saturday. However, we would also encourage our readers to light a candle at 8 pm Minsk time on the 16th. (To see what time this will be in your city, check the World Clock.)

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