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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Armenia: Murder suspect re-elected mayor

From Armenia Liberty:

The mayor of a small town near Yerevan who was arrested late last month after reportedly shooting dead a local rival has been reelected for another three-year term, election officials said on Monday.

Official results of Sunday’s election showed Armen Keshishian winning nearly 50 percent of the vote, against 41.5 percent polled by his sole challenger for the post of Nor Hajn mayor. It is the first time that a jailed person wins an election in post-Soviet Armenia.

Keshishian has been under police custody since a September 24 bitter argument with the head of the local power distribution network, Ashot Mkhitarian, which resulted in the latter’s death. Witnesses, among them two police officers, said the incumbent mayor fired several gunshots at Mkhitarian from an almost point-bank range.

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