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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Uzbek activist barred from court

From ferghana.ru:

Tashkent human rights activist Surat Ikramov has been blocked by security agents since the trial over Andijan events participants started on 15 September. This has successfully prevented him from monitoring the court process, Ikramov told journalists in Tashkent.

“Since morning of 20 September – the day when the trial over 15 accused started – I started receiving phone calls from law-enforcement officers, which asked me not to go to the court. When I went out of my house, I saw people in civilian clothes coming out of cars. They recommended me no to go to the court, citing an order ‘from above’,” the activist said.

“The secret services still don’t let me come to court, guarding my house 24 hours per day and following my car when I am in the city. And they always warn me that I can’t go to the court.”

“I was in the list of monitors of this court process, provided to authorities by Human Rights Watch,” Ikramov told Arena.

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