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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Russian MP asks for probe of activist

From The Saint Petersburg Times:

Andrei Savelyev, a leader of the Rodina faction in the State Duma, has asked the St. Petersburg Prosecutor General’s Office to open a defamation case against human rights campaigner Ruslan Linkov.

Linkov, the head of the St. Petersburg branch of the Democratic Russia party, said Friday that the deputy told the office that an article Linkov wrote in June contained untruths about him.

The article, which was printed by several media outlets, including The St. Petersburg Times, said that Russia was in danger or lurching toward radical nationalism. It named Savelyev as the author and editor of nationalistic publications.

In his article, Linkov had written: “One of the leaders of the Rodina parliamentary faction, deputy Andrei Savelyev not only edits racists literature (he edited the book Racial Meaning of the Russian Idea, issued by the Moscow publishing house Beliye Alvy), but actually writes racist articles himself, such as his preface to V. B. Avdeyev’s ‘Racial Studies.’”

Savelyev had describing Racial Studies as a “remarkable” and “impressive work on the history of racial studies and racial thought,” since “Russians represent a racially pure, homogeneous, primarily Nordic branch of the Europoid race… And this legacy must be protected from being destroyed by floods of migrants … ,” Linkov wrote

Savelyev could not reached for comment Monday.

Linkov’s fellow human rights campaigner Yury Vdovin said prosecutors should not act on Savelyev’s complaint.

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