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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Route for Belarus walk

We can now announce the route for our walk in support of Belarusian democracy in London on Saturday, 15 October. Our walk starts with the embassies of Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Georgia -- the three former Soviet republics that have recently had 'colour revolutions' -- and passes the embassies of several other ex-Soviet countries before ending up at the Belarusian embassy.

The walk will begin at 11.30 am sharp.

At the suggestion of
Students for Global Democracy, who are organising the walks worldwide, the overall length of the walk will be approximately 12 km to symbolise the 12 years Lukashenka has been in power. If you don't think you can manage the whole distance, you are welcome to walk as far as you can or to join us at any of the points along the way.

SGD's original idea was to provide all participants with T-shirts and to charge each walker US$15, which would cover the cost of the shirt as well as a donation to pro-democracy groups in Belarus. However, we have since learned that the shirts cannot be shipped overseas from America. Furthermore, we at Volodymyr Campaign don't feel it would be appropriate to make people pay to participate in our demonstrations. Participation in the walk is therefore free, although we will be happy to provide information about giving directly to pro-democracy groups in Belarus.

We're asking that participants bring a homemade sign if possible -- we'll be posting a few ideas over the next couple of weeks.

If you would like to take part in the walk, please e-mail volodymyrcampaign@btinternet.com as soon as possible.

The route

I hope you're planning on taking pictures and whatnot. Let me know.

Nathan @ Registan.net
One minor point/correction - as the route makes clear, the Kyrgyz embassy & starting point isn't in Camden, but rather Marylebone, just round the corner from Baker Street tube
Yes, from looking at the map, you're correct. I don't know why Google says it's in Camden.

The street address is correct, though.
Laura, and everyone else -

This Walk preparation is looking really great! I really like the idea of walking past all of the embassies, and I'm sure some of the posters will their get their attention.

It's local organizers with vision and motivation like the folks here at Volodymyr Campaign that are going to make this Walk a great success. This will be the first time that the people of the world have taken international action to support democracy and stand against dictatorship in Belarus - if we are successful, we could pioneer this model of freedom promotion and popularize it much further.

I'm very glad to be able to work with people like you folks.

Thanks for all your help,
Charlie Szrom
President, Students for Global Democracy International
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