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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Protests block Uzbek road

From ferghana.ru:

Protesters blocked the road between Osh and Qorasuv for three hours on September 11. Participants of the rally in front of the Qorasuv prosecutor's office demanded the finding of murderers of Abdalim Zhunusov shot on September 5. Zhunusov had run the Qorasuv wholesale market once managed by deputy of the parliament Bajaman Erkinbayev, its previous owner.

At least 300 protesters, most of them Zhunusov's relatives and former subordinates, blocked the road carrying posters and placards "Azimbek Beknazarov is the attorney of criminals", "Trial for deputy Bajaman Erkinbayev", and "Away with Cholpon Bekoyeva". The protesters chanted slogans denouncing Prosecutor General Beknazarov and Bekoyeva of the Constitutional Court.

One of the protesters who insisted on anonymity told this correspondent that the population of the Qorasuv district of the Osh region is actively arming itself now. It is awaiting armed clashes among different factions of the underworld bent on redistribution of assets in the southern part of the country.

No representative of the authorities deigned to turn up at the protest rally in front of the Qorasuv prosecutor's office.

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