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Friday, September 23, 2005


Khodorkovsky's appeal rejected

From The Moscow Times:

The Moscow City Court late Thursday rejected Mikhail Khodorkovsky's appeal in a marathon 11-hour session, cutting short his campaign for a State Duma seat before it even began.

The three-judge panel reduced his sentence -- and that of his business partner Platon Lebedev -- from nine years to eight.

"The punishment will come into force," Chief Judge Vyacheslav Tarasov said. "The hearing is over. I ask the guards to take the convicted man away."

Later, in the darkness outside the heavily guarded courthouse in northeastern Moscow, Boris Khodorkovsky quietly remarked, "From nine to eight. ... I won't live that long."

It was not immediately clear where Khodorkovsky, 42, would be sent next. Under Russian law, once an appeal is exhausted, a prisoner serves the rest of his term in a prison colony. Khodorkovsky's lawyer Yury Shmidt said his client would be sent to a prison not far from Moscow.

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