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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Georgian MP quits after condemning Bekauri

From Civil Georgia:

Deputy Chairman of the ruling National Movement’s parliamentary faction MP Davit Zurabishvili announced on August 30 that he has left the party.

Zurabishvili’s decision comes after he was criticized by his colleagues from the ruling party for condemning MP Koba Bekauri for the latter’s role in the arrest of co-founder of 202 TV Shalva Ramishvili. Zurabishvili also demanded that Bekauri’s alleged wrongdoings related with the customs terminal Opiza be discussed at the session of the National Movement’s parliamentary faction. MP Bekauri is also deputy chairman of the National Movement’s parliamentary faction.

“I have different opinions and a understanding about honesty. I always tried to be loyal and observe this principle. However, when someone tries to hide the wrongdoings of a party member, especially when his activities are very suspicious for society, this the same kind of clannish policy we fought against during the Rose Revolution,” Zurabishvili told reporters on August 30.

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