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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Georgian detained in Bashirli case

From Baku Today:

The Shamkir group of the State Border Service (SBS) of Azerbaijan detained a Georgian citizen Kurami Georgievitsch Ahvediani.

Amount of 9,000 Armenian drams and a piece of paper with the telephone numbers of Ruslan Bashirli, Osman Alimuradov and Seid Nuriyev, as well as the Internet site and e-mail addresses of the “Yeni Fikir” youth organization were found on Ahvediani.

It's not clear whether this arrest has anything to do with the one reported in Civil Georgia:

News broke on August 30 that Georgian citizen Merab Jibuti was arrested by Azeri border guards for alleged illegal crossing of the Georgian-Azerbaijani border on August 26, Georgian and Azeri media sources reported.

Merab Jibuti is suspected by the Azerbaijani security service of being linked to Ruslan Bashirli, chief of the Yeni Fikir youth organization, who was arrested on August 3 and charged with plotting a coup in Azerbaijan.

Azeri media sources reported that Merab Jibuti was arrested while crossing the Georgian-Azerbaijani border without any identification. Reportedly, Jibuti had contact information of some activists from the Yeni Fikir youth organization.

It is unclear why Jibuti was going to visit Azerbaijan. The Azeri media reported that Jibuti planned to meet with Ruslan Bashirli, but as the detention of Jibuti occurred on August 26, by that time Bashirli had already been arrested (on August 3) by the Azeri security service.

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