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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Young Front's website blocked

From Charter 97:

On Monday, August 15, the internet-site of the Young Front was blocked by unknown. According to the co-chairman of the Young Front, Zmitser Dashkevich, blocking of the site has been done by representatives of special services.

“We connect blocking of our site with the active work of the branches of the Young Front all over the country, and with a rise of our informational activities. From the beginning of the year 2004 and till 2005 the site previously found at the address www.mfront.org, was not there, as somebody had bought it over our head for the term of five years”.

“One cannot fail to notice that blocking of our site has taken place after many occasions of the United Civil Party’s site blocking. Only owing to saving the site information and quick contact with the owners of the hosting, we were able to restart the work almost immediately after blocking of our page,” Zmitser Dashkevich told.

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