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Saturday, August 27, 2005


Uzbekistan: Radio correspondent jailed

From Arena:

On 26 August, the Namangan civic court sentenced Nosir Zakirov, the correspondent of Liberty Radio for Namangan region, for six months in jail on the charges of offending the special services personnel on the phone.

"My father is jailed for his professional activity," journalist`s son Zohid Zakirov told Arena.

Nosir Zakirov aired the opinion of Haydarali Komilov, region`s resident, on Andizhan events, where the latter addressed a criticism in poetim form against the policy of the authorities.

Right after the sentence was heard, the journalist was taken to jail in Djidakapas district of Namangan region.

On 6 August, Nasirov called the National Security Service staff Dilmurod Isamuhamedov and cursed him in a harsh form for provoking his respondent Komilov to refuse from broadcasting as well as stating in print, that it was done by pressure.

Nosir Zakirov has been working for Liberty Radio since 1996. He is one of the first reporters, who was present in Andizhan at 3 am on 13 May and reported on the seizure of the Andizhan jail by phone.

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