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Monday, August 22, 2005


Uzbek journalist expelled from city

From Arena:

Recently, head of the terrorism combating department of the Jizzakh regional interior department visited independent journalist Jamshid Karimov, who lives in Jizzakh, and told him to leave the region until 24 August, otherwise “strictest measures will be taken”.

According to Karimov, who immediately reported on the incident to his colleagues, the official hinted that his professional activity and contacts with foreign media and local opposition figures and human rights activists are disliked by the Jizzakh regional governor Ubaidulla Yamankulov. This is why Yamankulov ordered to get rid of the journalist, at least during the 14th independence anniversary celebrations, to prevent him from “spoiling the holiday”.

The journalist was promised that “if he is obedient and stops quarreling with the authorities”, he might be allowed to return to Jizzakh after the celebrations, but not earlier than 7-10 September.

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