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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Turkmenistan bans recordings in public

From Turkmenistan.ru:

Turkmen president Saparmurat Niyazov has signed a decree banning the use of “phonograms at all cultural events, song-musical performances organized in honor of state holidays, in the programs of TV channels of the General directorate of the Turkmen television, as well as at all cultural events organized in the state and public organizations, in places of mass gatherings of people, during wedding parties and festivities.”

As the Ashgabat correspondent of Turkmenistan.ru reports, the decree by the head of state names “negative effect of the use of phonograms on the development of the song-musical art in the period of independence” one of the main reasons of the ban on the use of phonograms.

The Ministry of Culture and TV and Radio broadcast of Turkmenistan, administrations of the country’s regions and Ashgabat city were placed in charge of the implementation of this decree.

We're not sure what 'phonograms' are supposed to be, but this Yahoo News story says that the ban is on recorded music, not recording equipment as we previously stated:

A decree signed by Niyazov and published in newspapers "bans the use in Turkmenistan of sound recordings... at musical performances on state holidays, in broadcasts by Turkmen television channels, at all cultural events organised by state and social institutions, in places of mass assembly and at weddings and celebrations organised by the public."

In comments carried by the official daily newspaper Neitralny Turkmenistan, Niyazov said there was a need "to protect true culture, including the musical and singing traditions of the Turkmen people, from the negative influences of factors that to them are foreign."

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