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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Three youth movements unite

From The United Civil Party of Belarus:

"Pora" movement (Ukraine), "Mi" (Russia), "Birge!" (Khirghizia) and "Kahar" (Kazakhstan) have made a decision of uniting into the international democratic network and from now will permanently coordinate their moves, support each other's initiatives and hold common actions. The common fundaments of these movements are liberal values and the fight against all the signs of dictatorship and authorities' arbitrariness.

One of the main tasks is – forming of international space for the development of the civil society, which is completely independent from the government rule.


We, free people of different countries, united by the fight for the rights of our citizens and the opportunity to live in prospering, democratic society, are uniting our efforts and will support each others initiatives by all means. Each of us is strong, but together we are invincible.
Democracy – is not what we get after elite changes. The fundament of democratic power – is civil society, which's building we consider one of our primary aims. In modern conditions state borders don't play their previous role – and nothing prevents us from creating common international space of civil cooperation.

We are opened for everyone, who shares our values and is eager to confront all the dictatorship signs and authorities' arbitrariness. Each new organization in our network – is another step to the developed democracy.

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