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Saturday, August 27, 2005


Third Way site returns

We're delighted to report that the Third Way site is back.

Dear Friends of the Third Way,

Obviously, someone got afraid of us… ?

Right after the website got international support, someone hacked our website and erased some of the files. One indication that people who made the damage are strange hackers is that they did not leave any ‘deface’, which is placing a substitute homepage on the site.)

The damage to the files will not stop us! We have full copies of all files of www.3dway.org in many locations and available for quick recovery. Whatever anyone would try doing, he or she will not succeed because the website is indestructible. It is for the benefit of all people our dear Belarus!

The Cartoon Club (MultClub) website is already up and running at http://mult.3dway.org !

Judi and the international support team of the Third Way.

The fundraising page is back too, but in a new location.

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