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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Rolling Stone banned in Belarus

From Charter 97:

The August issue of the Russian edition of “Rolling Stone” magazine will not be found in Belarusian newsstands. As said by private vendors, the magazine simply had not been received by the trade. The suppliers from the Belarusian side, having received the bulk quantity of the “Rolling Stone” magazine, send it back to Russia. Retailers say that they have not seen these magazines themselves. There had not been any order by the authorities. It was idea of suppliers who had decided not to take risk. Probably, if it were not for the cover and the journalists’ tradition of catchy headlines, nobody would care for the content of the magazine. The matter is that one of the central articles of August issue is called “Belarusian order”, telling about impressions of the magazine’s reporter who visited Lukashenka’s country. The headline of the article is placed on the cover, on the third page and continues on the pages 58-65.

By agreement of the author, Boris Akimov, and the editorial office of the magazine, the Internet-portal “Tuzin hitou” (“A Dozen of Hits”) (http://music.fromby.net) placed the full article “Belarusian Order” in Belarusian translation.

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