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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Religious minorities appeal to Lukashenka; one arrested

From the United Civil Party of Belarus:

International and interconfessional initiative "Soglasiye" establishment meeting took place on the 6-th of August. Baptist, Catholic and Belarus autonomic churches, as well as Ukraine, German, Gypsy, Polish, Belarusian-Tatar and Cossack-Tatar Diaspora's representatives took part in it. A cooperation protocol was signed during the meeting. This was reported by executive secretary of international and interconfessional initiative "Soglasiye" Alexander Zelko.

But the beginning of meeting was clouded by an incident: one of the conferee and organizers Nikolay Kalinin was arrested by OMON officials, supposedly for ID checking.

- This arrest was undoubtedly political and connected with social activity of Nikolay Kalinin. He was arrested on theft suspecting. But it was just an excuse. After spending three hours in the police office Nikolay was released – said Alexander Zelko in the interview to UCP press-room.

Meeting participants had established that unfortunately national minorities' and non-Orthodox confessions' rights are being infringed, their problems have been kept in silence. Address, defending "Union of Poles in Belarus" was written to Alexander Lukashenko. A new common cooperation plan is going to be worked out as the result of the meeting.

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