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Monday, August 15, 2005


Protest for independent newspapers in Belarus

From Charter 97:

On August 12 an action in support of independent newspapers “Barysauskiya Naviny” and “Kurjer iz Borisova” was held in Barysau. First these newspapers were denied distribution through the state network, and later it was forbidden to sell them in the streets. Barysau oppositionists demand to stop pressure on independent newspapers. The journalists of “Barysauskiya Naviny” and “Kurjer iz Borisova”, as well as several dozens of activists of the youth movement “Zubr” and the “Young Front”, civil initiative “Volat” gathered in the central square of the town, in front of the city executive committee. In their hands protesters were holding issues of independent newspapers, popular among the inhabitants of the town.

The site also has pictures of the protest.

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