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Monday, August 29, 2005


Posters smear Azerbaijan opposition

From Baku Today:

The Central Election Committee will study the issue of posters on the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA), reformists, Ali Kerimli on the background of the Armenian flag, spread in Baku, the Azerbaijan’s CEC chairman Mazahir Panahov told Trend.

"We will study the issue. Certainly, it is not the time now to hold campaign and propaganda. The relevant stage will start only after 7 September”, the CEC head said. The information of the posters in the city is, of course, a serious matter, and we are to investigate it. If a candidate is really conducting campaign he must be seriously punished. But now the issue must be seriously studied," Panahov added.

Panahov said any candidate, officially set to campaigning may be seriously punished. "Ali Kerimli has not been even registered as the candidate," he said.

PFPA (reformists) has earlier reported that posters of Ali Kerimli on the background of the Armenian flag spread in the city is another "black PR" campaigning and counter-propaganda against Ali Kerimli.

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