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Friday, August 12, 2005


Poland asks Russia to stop attacks

From Newsday:

Poland's president appealed Thursday to Russian President Vladimir Putin to track down the men who attacked two Polish diplomats and a journalist in Moscow in recent days, saying the violence was "leading to a harmful escalation of hostility."

President Aleksander Kwasniewski's appeal came in a written statement released to the Polish media late Thursday. Earlier in the day, a Polish journalist for the leading Rzeczpospolita newspaper was beaten in Moscow, while two diplomats with the Polish Embassy in Moscow were attacked in separate incidents earlier in the week.

The incidents follow the July 31 mugging of three sons of Russian diplomats in a Warsaw park, during which the boys' cell phones were stolen.

Putin's government demanded an apology. The Polish Foreign Ministry expressed "deep regret," but said it owed no apology for what it said was a criminal act.

The incidents also come amid rising tensions between Poland and Belarus, whose autocratic President Alexander Lukashenko enjoys Putin's backing.

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