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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


'People's revolution' group founded in Kyrgyzstan

From Kyrgyzstan Development Gateway:

According to Azattyk-Radio, “March people’s revolution” Public Movement was founded on August 4, 2005 during a session in Osh.

According to executive secretary Murzabek Akmatbayev, it was called to control actions of activities of the powers in partnership with other NGOs.

Founders of the new public organization intend to attain real actions from officials, directed toward increase of life standards of the population. Chosen methods for influence will be protest actions, works through political parties, appeals to the President of the Kyrgyz Republic and the people.

The “March people’s revolution” pledges to become one of mass movements in south, because currently it includes as many as one and half thousand members. According to spokesmen for the movement, there are a lot of adherents of the movement also in northern regions of Kyrgyzstan. According to Akmatbayev, reasons for mass discontents are the same: there are no results in struggle against corruption, corrupted officials are still in power, and moreover, criminals rush into power.

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