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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Party leader seeks to dissolve Kyrgyz parliament

From Kyrgyzstan Development Gateway:

The leader of the Erkindik Party, Topchubek Turgunaliev, is collecting signatures for the dissolution of Parliament.

He has to collect 300,000 signatures and then a referendum can be held. Turgunaliev has submitted a copy of the form for collecting signatures to the CEC for its legitimacy to be established. The CEC did not give a negative or positive answer, but returned Turgunaliev’s letter with a comment that our legislation is not sufficiently well developed to solve this issue.

In the meantime, parties in all regions of the country have started collecting signatures and Turgunaliev thinks it will not be difficult to get the necessary number and it can be done quickly.

The reformer does not care about the opinion of Deputies, because he is sure that the current lawmakers are out of place in the JK and he doesn't care about possible riots connected with his initiative. “Any attempt to resist our action will be suppressed. Deputies say they will lead people out onto the streets. They will not be able to do this, because the people will not follow them”.

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