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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Khodorkovsky on hunger strike

From Mikhail Khodorkovsky's web site:

Mikhail Khodorkovsky has gone on a hunger strike to demonstrate support for his partner Platon Lebedev who was locked in a punishment cell on August 19 for refusing to take his daily walk. Khodorkovsky’s lawyer Anton Drel told Ekho Moskvy radio his client is consuming neither food nor water to express solidarity with his friend. “He knows he isn't alone,” Khodorkovsky said in a written statement handed to Drel. Lebedev was moved to the punitive cell despite suffering from cirrhosis and the possibility of facing liver cancer in the near future, his lawyers say. They added Khodorkovsky is positive the Kremlin is punishing him and Lebedev for the recent bold article Khodorkovsky published in the press, “A Turn to the Left.” Last week, Khodorkovsky’s lawyers confirmed he was ready to agree to run for parliamentary election to State Duma from behind bars. “I am ready for great obstacles and more stringent jail conditions,” he was quoted by his lawyer Yuri Schmidt as saying.

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