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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Georgian security chief accused of fabricating charges

From Civil Georgia:

Chief of the Interior Ministry’s Department of Constitutional Security Data Akhalaia has been accused of fabricating case against lawyer Giorgi Usupashvili, who is the brother of opposition Republic Party leader Davit Usupashvili and intimidating court executive Irakli Sioridze, the Justice Ministry’s officer who carries out court orders, to testify against Usupashvili.

The Department of Constitutional Security opened criminal case against Giorgi Usupashvili and accused him of extortion from his clients, who have been suing the Telasi electricity distribution company. Usupashvili won the case and the Telasi paid to seven plaintiffs up to 200,000 Lari, according to the court’s ruling.

“But now the law enforcers are intimidating my clients to testify against me and to say that I have taken this money and they received nothing,” Giorgi Usupashvili said in an interview with the daily Rezonansi published on August 17.

Usupashvili said that the Chief of the Interior Ministry’s Department of Constitutional Security Data Akhalaia “forces” court executive Irakli Sioridze to give evidence against him and to say that Usupashvili bribed him to “promptly execute” the court’s order in an attempt to receive money from the Telasi company.

“But Sioridze refused. Because of this refusal he was cruelly beaten up by Akhalaia and charged with misuse of power and now is under custody [Sioridze was arrested on August 3], although he is absolutely innocent,” Giorgi Usupashvili said.

In an interview with Rezonansi on August 16 Sozar Subari said that he has already launched probe into this case. “If [Sioridze and Usupashvili’s accusations against Akhalaia] are confirmed, then of course I will demand [of Akhalaia] be held accountable… But at this stage the case is not yet confirmed, as I have to listen to another side as well,” Sozar Subari said

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