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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Georgian activists arrested in Belarus

From Civil Georgia:

Two activists of the Georgian youth movement Kmara – Giorgi Kandelaki and Luka Tsuladze have been arrested in Belarus, the Georgian media sources reported on August 24.

The two Georgian citizens were reportedly arrested in Minsk together with coordinator of the Belarus youth resistance movement Zubr, Vladimir Kobets. Kobets was released shortly after the arrest.

Belarus police officials explained that the two Georgian citizens were “taken to the police station to check their documents,” according to the RIA Novosti news agency.

Charter 97 adds:

In two hours, after taking fingerprints, Uladzimir Kobets was released. As said by Kobets, one of the high officers of the police department, police officer, offered his apologies, saying that the detention was a “mistake during the identity check operation aimed against persons from the Caucasus”.

Kmara activists are still in the criminal investigation department. Their mobile phones are switched off, no information could be received from them.

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