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Monday, August 29, 2005


Four more Polish activists in jail

From Radio Polonia:

A crackdown on ethnic Poles continues in Belarus. An informal spokesman of the Polish Union Andrzej Pisalnik told Polish Radio that four independent Polish activists are in jail. One of them began a hunger strike. A journalist from the Polish Solidarnosc paper and a Belarussian reporter were arrested as well on charges of misdemeanou r. The two were heading for a congress of the Polish community meeting in the western city of Volkovysk today. It is expected to elect new leaders who would be loyal to Belarus’ authoritarian president Alexander Lukashenko. Meanwhile, the union’s independent and democratically elected leader Angelica Borys was interrogated again today in connection with allegedly misappropriating the organization’s funds.
The Belarusian authorities have been persecuting ethnic Poles accusing them of attempts to destabilize the state.

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