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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Cartoonists' passports taken

From Charter 97:

A member of the civil initiative “Tretsi Shliakh” (“The Third Way”) Aleh Minich was summoned to Hrodna branch of the KGB for interrogation. On August 16 the Prosecutor’s Office of Minsk brought up a criminal action for slandering Alyaksandr Lukashenka. The reason for that were animated cartoons of political content placed at the site of the initiative, 3dway.org. KGB officers have made search in the apartments of several members of “The Third Way” and confiscated more than 10 computers. As Radio Svaboda informs, on August 22 passports of Aleh Minich and his wife were confiscated.

Investigator Aleh Varanetski summoned Aleh Minich, the member of the Third Way, for interrogation for the second time. The first interrogation took place on August 16 in Hrodna. Besides, on that day Pavel Marozau and Andrei Abozau were interrogated in Minsk by KGB officers. They were left without all documents. Even Andrei Abozau’s birth certificate has been confiscated.

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