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Monday, August 29, 2005


Beslan mothers to meet Putin on Friday

From MosNews:

After a hesitation, Beslan mothers have accepted President Putin’s invitation to come to the Kremlin for a meeting on September 2, exactly one year after the tragedy in the North Ossetia school, Russian news agencies reported Sunday.

The mothers of children who died in the school siege in North Ossetia a year ago have been trying to meet Vladimir Putin for a long time, but they only received an invitation from Kremlin after they stated they would not have any of the Moscow official, including Putin, visit the mournful ceremonies a year after the tragedy, planned for September 1-3. The long-awaited invitation then arrived for September 2 and was considered with much doubt and hesitation.

“We did not expect the president to make such a dirty political step, but if we decide we have to overcome our feelings for the sake of what we do, we shall go to tell him who is guilty in the tragedy, and especially to say that President Putin is the one who’s guilty,” Dudaeva said after she received the invitation Friday.

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