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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Belarusian Polish deputy released

From Charter 97:

Today deputy head of the Union of Poles in Belarus Wieslaw Kiewlak was released from Kastrychnitski special remand prison of Hrodna. The court found him guilt of organizing an unsanctioned protest by the Polish House in Hrodna. On that day, August 1, the UPB was visited by the deputy chairman of Polish Sejm Donald Tusk. As the building of the Polish House was encircled by policemen, the meeting took place outside the house.

“In order to wear through the day, we were reading a book by Jan Pavel [Pope John Paul] II, and discussing different topics. We prayed to go through detention safely. These 15 days of detention one thought had been disturbing me, the thought of my unfair arrest. I was taken from my family, from my three children. My youngest son turns only half a year in a couple of days. We have been deprived of our farm unjustly, and I have been fired from work unjustly. All this things were unjust,” told Wieslaw Kiewlak to Radio Svaboda after release.

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