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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Belarus police prevent meeting with U.S. diplomat

From Radio Free Europe:

Members of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Homel have accused police of disrupting their meeting with a U.S. diplomat on 23 August, Belapan reported. The diplomat -- identified as "Lyle MacMillan" -- was reportedly expected to meet with NGO activists in a building belonging to local opposition figure Viktar Karneyenka that also houses the city's chapter of the United Civic Party and several other organizations. But two hours before the meeting, police officers reportedly ordered the building vacated, saying they had found an unidentified metal object nearby that could be an explosive device. As the activists and the diplomat gathered in a private apartment later in the day, two police officers entered and ordered all those present to produce their passports, citing a special operation aimed at tracking down illegal aliens. The U.S. diplomat and his aide were kept in the apartment for some 40 minutes and allowed to go only after their documents were checked.

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