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Monday, August 22, 2005


Belarus: Independent publisher liquidated

From Charter 97:

Minsk executive committee has liquidated the “Denpress” Limited liability company, a publisher of an independent newspaper “Den”. Mikola Markevich, a director of the “Denpress” LLC, found out about that on August 19 in the evening from the tax inspection of the Central district of Minsk. The decision about liquidation was signed by the head of Minsk executive committee Mikhail Paulau and charge d’affaires Mikhail Savanovich on July 4.

“It is a political order, like the closure of the “Pahonya” newspaper,” M.Markevich maintains. “This decision is based neither on facts nor on law,” he believes. “It is enough to say that “Denpress”, a publisher of the newspaper “Den”, issued a newspaper on May 26, and that issue was later detained in 40 km by Belarusian-Russian border. These are entrepreneurial activities, aren’t they?”

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