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Monday, August 08, 2005


Bashirli's father: Incriminating film edited

From Radio Free Europe:

Ruslan Bashirli's father Djalil, who is a member of the ruling Yeni Azerbaycan Party, told a news conference in Baku on 6 August that film footage incriminating his son was selectively edited, Turan reported. He denied that his son had a homosexual relationship with Kerimli [Kerimli, chairman of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party], whom pro-government parliamentarians and newspapers have repeatedly insinuated is gay. Kerimli is the father of two children. Djalil Bashirli also said he and other family members have been harassed since Ruslan's arrest on 3 August, and that stones have been thrown at the family home in Zardob Raion.

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