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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Armenian opposition: 'Omissions' in proposed election law

From Armenia Liberty:

An opposition member of the Central Election Commission (CEC) claimed on Tuesday to have found serious discrepancies between Armenia’s recently amended electoral code and its copies circulated by the government-controlled body.

Felix Khachatrian said the 5,000 copies distributed by the CEC to its territorial divisions contain glaring omissions that could facilitate fraud in the next parliamentary and presidential elections. He singled out a missing sentence in the code’s Article 7 which obligates the electoral authorities to release final figures for the nationwide voter turnout during an election by next mid-day.

The Armenian opposition has accused the authorities in the past of inflating the number of people taking part in elections in order to falsify their results. Such allegations were sometimes given weight by international observers, most recently during the May 2003 parliamentary elections characterized by voter apathy. Anecdotal evidence at the time suggested that the turnout in Yerevan may have been lower than was claimed in official reports.

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