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Saturday, August 13, 2005


Another pro-Putin amendment proposed

From MosNews:

Lawmaker of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly has brought in an initiative to change the Russian Constitution provisions on the third presidential term.

Igor Rimmer made a project of a bill on an amendment to the Constitution in order to increase the terms of the Russian president’s authorities.

Rimmer’s version of this amendment reads that “one and the same person cannot hold the post of the Russian president for more than three consecutive terms,” Interfax news agency reported.

Earlier, a group of deputies of the local legislature in the Russian Far East region of Primorye had drafted amendments to the Constitution enabling Putin to run for the third term.

Putin has recently said that he “maybe would like to” (run for president in 2008) but the Constitution did not permit to do so.

RIA-Novosti reports that the governor of Novosibirsk has also expressed support for a third term.

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