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Saturday, July 02, 2005


Trepashkin's sentence reduced

From MosNews:

A Moscow court has reversed a sentence in the case of a retired FSB colonel and lawyer Mikhail Trepashkin, convicted earlier of disclosing state secrets and unlawful possession of weapons. The court said Trepashkin was not guilty of the latter charge, although he will continue to serve his term for divulging state secrets.

The court satisfied an appeal filed by the colonel’s defence who had insisted on the reversal of the verdict.

Trepashkin will remain in prison to serve a sentence issued by the Moscow military district court for divulging state secrets. His defense lawyers will press for his release on parole, lawyer Yelena Liptser told the news agency.

On April 15 the Dmitrovsky Court in the Moscow region found Trepashkin guilty of unlawful possession of weapons and sentenced him to twelve months in prison.

Earlier he was sentenced to four years for disclosing state secrets, Liptser said.

The retired FSB colonel was detained in October 2003. Trepashkin pleaded innocent, claiming that the pistol found in his car had been intentionally planted on him by unscrupulous police officers.

In a case that human rights activists saw as politically driven, Trepashkin was accused of making copies of confidential documents during his service in the Soviet KGB, and in the Federal Security Service. The copies were allegedly found during a search in his apartment.

Trepashkin’s supporters claimed that the case against him was an act of revenge on the part of the regime after he had exposed evidence that could suggest government complicity in the killing of more than a hundred civilians during the 1999 apartment bombings in Moscow.

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