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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Stalin portraits displayed at Minsk ceremony

From Charter 97:

On Sunday official ceremony on the occasion of the Independence Day and the 61st anniversary of Minsk liberation from fascist troops took place. The central event of the celebration was a march of war veterans from October Square to Victory Square along the former Skaryna Avenue. The column was lead by Lukashenka and was carrying the portrait of Stalin. The portrait was demonstrated by Belarusian TV during the live broadcast many times, Radio Svaboda informs.

In the evening a great number of citizens of Minsk was disappointed as the police did not let them into the Kastrychnitskaya (October) Square, where a concert was to take place. Suddenly three lines of policemen blocked Skaryna Avenue near the Circus. A mass of people did not know where to go. The sentiment I the crowd where becoming extreme.

The sports competitions on rollers a day before with participation of Lukashenka, where not so popular as the concert. The traffic on Masherau Avenue was stopped, and security men were standing along the street tightly. The head of the country naturally was the winner in the competition, with a great break-off from other representatives of authorities.

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