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Friday, July 01, 2005


Marinich back in hospital

From Charter 97:

Belarusian political prisoner Mikhail Marynich is hospitalized to Republican prison hospital. He was placed there because of a sudden worsening of eyesight. On July 1 the son of the political prisoner, leader of the civil initiative “Freedom to political prisoners”, member of the “Free Belarus”, Pavel Marynich, petitioned the director of Minsk colony Yauhen Los and asked him to grant extra meeting with his father in connection with father’s illness, but he was not allowed. Lawyer of Mikhail Marynich can meet his client only next week.

Today the doctors of the neurological unit of the hospital told to Radio Freedom about state of health of Mikhail Marynich:

“He receives treatment in connection with eye illness. There is nothing terrible in it, and he gets medicine which is allowed for him. His condition is improving. Eye specialist examined him, and positive dynamics is observed”.

The doctor has not said if the eye pathology is related to the stroke Mikhail Marynich had not long ago. As said by her, Mikhail Marynich undergoes treatment of the stroke consequences. He gets certain medicines and other treatment. The doctor said that he has minimum of neurological deficiency now.

In the beginning of March in Vorsha colony Mikhail Marynich had a stroke. His body was partially paralyzed, his speech was unclear. As said by his son, Pavel, during the meeting in May he saw that these symptoms were still noticeable. Mikhail Marynich’s relatives insisted on his being treated in specialized hospital, however their request was declined.

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