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Saturday, July 02, 2005


Fake newspapers printed to discredit Union of Poles

From Viasna:

Three unofficial issues of the Glos znad Niemna that came out contrary to the leadership of the Union of Poles in Belarus were funded by Hrodna Region Executive Committee. The senior editor of the newspaper Andrzej Pisalnik learnt this from the distributor of the Glos znad Niemna – Belsaiuzdruk.

Pisalnik told the Polish Radio that in case the next illegal issue of the paper comes out, the UPB will stage a protest. It is not ruled out that the protest will take place on 3 July. The UPB activist said that the local Poles will come with slogans and transparencies to the meeting staged by the Hrodna authorities on the occasion of the holiday. "Because three issues of the newspaper were published by unknown people, we reported the illegal activities to the procurator's office and the police. However, our appeals were not answered", said Andrzej Pisalnik.

The media argue that the illegal Glos znad Niemna is published by the former UPB chair Tadeusz Kruczkowski whom the Belarusian authorities attempt to support using any methods.

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