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Friday, July 01, 2005


European delegation visits Belarus

From Charter 97:

Emergence of new political prisoners in Belarus causes concern of the European parliament’s deputies. “Belarus borders on the European Union, and it is paradoxical that such situation takes place in the center of Europe,” told vice –chairman of the European Parliament Janusz Onyszkiewicz at a press conference in Minsk. He was referring to the trials over opposition leaders Mikola Statkevich, Paval Sevyarynets and Andrei Klimov, sentenced for several years of forcible corrective labour for organizing protest rallies, and arrest of the former leader of the “Respublika” group Syarhei Skrabets. The MP of the European parliament also expressed concern over disappearances of political opponents of Lukashenka in Belarus. “We still do not know what had happened to the people who disappeared relatively long ago in Belarus. This question must be elucidated indisputably. We are very concerned over the tendency of the situation’s development in Belarus,” Janusz Onyszkiewicz said.

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