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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


EU parliament to focus on Belarus

From Charter 97:

The discussion of the situation in Belarus is one of the main questions of the imminent session of the European parliament, which is to be held on July 4-7 in Strasbourg (France). According to the Belarusian mass media, they where informed about it by the head of the delegation of the European parliament on relations with Belarus Adam Klich (Poland).

The European parliamentarians plan to discuss the developments of the political situation in the country and the state of Belarusian independent media. On the agenda is passing of resolution on Belarus. Klich notes that the final variant of the document is not approved. In particular, the draft resolution says that a radio station for broadcasting for Belarus is to be launched in one of the neighbouring countries. The European parliament is also going to express concern over the situation of Polish diaspora in Belarus, after the interference of the Belarusian authorities in the activities of the public association “union of Poles in Belarus”.

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