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Saturday, July 02, 2005


Belarus to formalise controls on political groups

From the Assembly of Belarusian Pro-Democratic NGOs:

On June 29 Belarusian House of Representatives adopted amendments to the Law on Public Organizations. The draft will be forwarded to the Council of the Republic; it should be examined there within 20 days. Today, on June 30 the second session of the Council is closed up and now it is not known whether the senators will hurry up or whether they will approve the draft during their next session. The new law will come into force after it is signed by the president and published.

Mostly, those amendments were adopted just to include into the law the norms, invented by Łukašenka's administration. Among them: the ban on activities of not registered public organizations (it was already stipulated in the decree of the president), a lot of norms on registration of public organizations that were taken from the rules of registration and examining of the documents that are submitted for state registration of public organizations (approved by the Ministry of Justice). Also, liquidation of an organization because of so called "violation of the use of foreign gratuitous aid" (it means using foreign aid without permission from presidential administration, previously was stipulated in the president’s decree #24, 2003). However, the new version of the law implements a number of new grounds for liquidation of public organizations.

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