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Thursday, June 16, 2005


UN reps to interview Andijan refugees

From Radio Free Europe:

Four senior officials from UN High Commissioner for Human Rights are hoping to gain insight into the circumstances behind the Andijon deaths.

Jose Luis Diaz, a spokesman for the Geneva-based organization, told RFE/RL the delegates plan to meet with Uzbeks who sought refuge in Kyrgyzstan following the 13 May violence.

“They are going to be interviewing eyewitnesses and other people with firsthand knowledge of the events in Andijon in the middle of May," Diaz said. "The objective is to gain an overview into the circumstances of those incidents which, as has been reported, resulted in death of 173 people and, according to some reports, up to 800 people.”

The UN officials make up the first international delegation to travel to the region since the Andijon events.

But the team will only get as close as Kyrgyzstan. Diaz says Tashkent rejected the team's request to visit Andijon.

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