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Thursday, June 16, 2005


Terror threat in Belarus

From Monsters and Critics :

Belapan has received an electronic message from an unidentified sender who claims to represent the Belarusian People's Liberation Army, which threatens to declare Belarus a war zone if the regime fails by 0600 [0300 gmt] on 15 June to enter into talks with the democratic opposition aimed at ending the political crisis.

The same group sent out emails in early June claiming responsibility for putting out rumours about increased radiation levels in the country.

Valeryy Nadtochayew, spokesman for the Committee for State Security (KGB), declined to comment to Belapan on the KGB investigation into the source of the rumours and the emails, noting that the agency would inform the public on results in due time.

Uladzimir Nestsyarovich, spokesman for the Security Council, told Belapan that the law enforcement agencies are working to establish whether the group's declarations are serious.

He added that no signs have been observed that the group intends to carry out its threats and described the security situation as "stable and controllable."

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