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Monday, June 27, 2005


Russia pulls out of Estonian border agreement

From MosNews:

The Russian Foreign Ministry said Monday it would be impossible to submit border treaties with Estonia for ratification by the Russian parliament following changes the Estonian parliament made to the preamble.

The Russian Foreign Ministry handed a note to Estonian Ambassador to Russia Karin Jaani on the developments involving the border treaties between the two countries, ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko told reporters on Monday.

The text amended by Estonia’s parliament to include an indirect reference to the Soviet occupation of the Baltic nation “contains unacceptable statements ... that create a falsified context” for the treaties, the ministry said in a press statement released last week.

Soviet troops occupied the three Baltic states in 1940. Nazi troops took them over in 1941, but the Soviets returned in 1944.

Russia balked at signing a planned border treaty with Latvia in May because Latvia insisted on attaching a statement similar to the one approved by Estonia.

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