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Monday, June 27, 2005


Marinich's sons appeal to court

From Charter 97:

Igar and Paval Marynich, the sons of the Belarusian political prisoner, leaders of the civil initiative “Freedom to political prisoners!”, members of the Council of Civil Initiatives “Svabodnaya Belarus”, have made an appeal today on the resolution of the Minsk Central District Court of sequestration of property to the judicial assembly on civil affairs of the Minsk Municipal Court. According to the resolution of judge Natalla Vaitsakhovich of 06.07.2005, from all sequestrated things only the iron, TV-set and bicycle simulator were returned to the ex-wife and sons of Mikhail Marynich. In the apartment where former Minister of Foreign Economic Relations and Diplomat Mikhail Marynich resided, the property was inventoried at the sum of Br 4 mln.

“I consider the resolution of judge Vaitsakhovich criminal, because the resolution is targeted directly against me, my brother and my mother. The judge ignored in her resolution even the principal positions of the Civil-Procedural Code according to which the things of primary importance cannot be sequestrated - a table, chair, bed, refrigerator… The judge established that my elder brother Igar, my mother and I inhabit the apartment and that there are our belongings. Nevertheless, Vaitsakhovich wrote in her resolution that I could not have any possessions in 1997 because at that time I had been under the age - but I was 27 years old then! Moreover, the things that we had purchased in December 2004, when the father had already been imprisoned, were also sequestrated. The judge’s cynicism is comprised within the fact that after 40 years of working activity my mother is to possess one iron only…” - Paval Marynich said in his interview to the Charter’97 press center.

The political prisoner’s sons are not expecting a just resolution of the judicial assembly of the Minsk Municipal Court. “We set no hopes on the judicial assembly’s resolution because the Belarusian court is a tool in the hands of the dictator. But nevertheless, we will appeal to the Attorney General on bringing an action against judge Vaitsakhovich - for the violation of the law,” - said P. Marynich.

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