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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Azerbaijan opposition accused of bombing plot

From Radio Free Europe:

Two men have been apprehended and have confessed to plotting to blow up Tagi Ibragimov, the president of the independent television company Azad Azerbaycan, and Appeals Court Judge Bahram Shukyrov, according to a joint statement released on 13 June by the National Security Ministry and Prosecutor-General's Office and summarized the same day by Turan and day.az. Alimurad Nakhmedov, a citizen of Azerbaijan and former employee of the Baku Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, is said to have co-opted Ali Sagiev, a Chechen refugee, and persuaded him to carry out the killings with the aim of creating fear and panic among the population. Nakhmedov was said to have been recruited in turn by a former police colonel, Pirali Orudjev, who is said to be close to the leadership of the opposition Musavat party, and Moscow-based Azeri businessman Rzabala Guliev. In a statement to Trend news agency on 13 June summarized by day.az the following day, Ibragimov attributed the planned attack on his life to "radical opposition forces" that have been "defeated in the ideological struggle" and have thus decided to "resort to terror." He characterized the planned terrorist acts as directed against Azerbaijan's statehood and the authority of President Ilham Aliyev.

The Musavat party issued a statement on 13 June rejecting as "gibberish" the implication contained in the joint statement by the National Security Ministry and the Prosecutor-General's Office that the party was behind the alleged plots to kill Ibragimov and Shukyurov, Turan reported. The Musavat statement said that, as in previous election campaigns, the authorities seek to blacken Musavat's reputation but will not succeed in undermining the electorate's trust in Musavat.

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