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Monday, May 09, 2005


Zubr activists arrested

From Charter 97:

Action of Zubr movement dedicated to the sixth anniversary of kidnapping of one of oppositional leaders ex-minister of internal affairs general Yury Zaharenka resulted in mass arrests. Belarusian police arrested more than 60 people.

At 5 p.m. [on 7 May] about hundred activists of Zubr lined up along Skaryna avenue. They were holding portraits of Yury Zaharenka, Victar Gonchar, Anatoly Krasovsky, Dmitry Zavadsky who were kidnapped in 1999-2000, Gennady Karpenko who had died under unrevealed circumstances and political prisoners Mihail Marinich, Valery Levaneusky, Aliaksandr Vasilieu and Andrey Klimau.

After the action began two riot-police vehicles arrived and people in civil started to grab its participants. 51 participants of the action were detained. Among them coordinators of Zubr Mikita Sasim, Aliaksey Levkovich, Pavel Yuhnevich and one of coordinators of Council of civil initiatives Dmitry Borodko. At the moment (6.45 p.m.) the detained people are at Leninsky district police department.

Twelve more Zubr activists were detained in Mahiliou. Peoples with portraits of disappeared politicians lined up near local KGB department. The action here did not last long too. In several minutes its participants were detained by police.

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